Outstanding work, Outstanding service! Your installer was very prompt, calling an hour before arriving. Logan was very professional, immediately got to work after short introduction to our dogs. He finished long before we thought possible, was hooked up to the internet, phone setup and all 3 rooms were ready to watch TV. Instructions were gone over for use of equipment and such going over everything again with phone numbers, account numbers all easy to read! The picture on our internet devices are superior to any prior non fiber optic service. Definitely worth the switch, no doubt about the quality!

Thank you Cameron, Nick and Doug… My Internet server was down often… Friday evening after hours Cameron sent Doug to fix me up as someone in the house has a pacemaker and needs the connection. Nick came out Monday as the server continued not to work… He had a plan of attack before he arrived, put it into action and repaired the problem… So grateful to Bolt for fine service… Most of all they care! Really care. Thank you for your excellent service.

Bolt has made my life so much easier by providing reliable internet service. I also love that I can watch the weather when we are having storms it doesn’t effect my t.v. Thank you for providing these services.


Since we have gotten TV and internet with Bolt our service has been fantastic. Never had better service with anyone else.

Having Bolt Fiber has been a great experience. The field crew have been good to deal with when we needed help. The high speed internet has been helpful for personal reasons as well as professional, and with Bolt TV there is no loss of reception during storms which is comforting. All this with a monthly savings from having AT&T and Direct TV.

We have had the Internet, TV and telephone package since spring 2016 and are very satisfied. Before, our internet was down almost weekly for anywhere from a few minutes to hours at a time but with Bolt it is always working. The phone went out once and I called customer service and they had it up and running in a matter of minutes. Bolt has been a wonderful addition to our area! They are friendly, easy to work, great service and the prices are good too!

We have the phone service and we are very pleased with it. We have one more year in our dishnet. We can’t wait to switch everything to bolt.

The greatest internet EVER hands down never go to anyone else again. EVER!

Bolt is fantastic!!! Great internet and TV, we had virtually nothing before Bolt, well worth the wait!!!

We are Bolt customers and very happy with them – they also have honest employees – I lost my wallet yesterday – a Bolt employee found it in Braum’s parking lot and returned it to my wife at my home address before I even got home – I don’t know his name but I sure hope I can find out and thank him – this is a story Bolt Management should be proud of.

We have had bolt for one year now and we couldn’t be happier. Yes, we were like a lot of you members that paid our deposit and waited and waited, but rest assure BOLT is worth the wait!! Our family used to have to drive 30 mins to go to town to use wifi at either the library, Dairy Queen, or even Lowes. That’s right I have sat in Lowe’s parking lot with my laptop attempting to do homework because no one would provide Internet where we live, that was before BOLT came into the scene!! We are spoiled to the fast service and reliability and are eternally grateful that they came our to our rural area!!! Thanks again BOLT!! We love our service!!!

Mine and my wife’s jobs both require a lot of work requiring fast reliable internet service. We would often have to go other places to get the necessary service. Since changing to Bolt, we have had no issues. In fact, we often have people over to use our internet. We also receive compliments all the time on how fast our internet is now.

The TV service was a pleasant bonus. You have exceeded our expectations on both accounts!

After some guests used the TV service, I was not able to get back to the regular cable service. Called Tech Support, and Representative Blake was able to get things to right. He did reassure me that he was glad to assist and was very patient with someone tech non-savvy. He is a true asset to Bolt Fiber!

Bolt fiber work really well fast reliable ethernet everyone needs to get it.

Would not have any other type provider for WIFI, and TV.

We have been using Bolt for a few years now and the service is amazing! We use it at www.hamillmetals.com everyday for our phone system and our new point of sale system! We could not operate our business without Bolt Fiber! Thank you for the great service you provide. 🙂

Here we all are in the middle of a pandemic. Its a scary time for us all. I decided to start the day off being thankful. One of the things that I am thankful for is my blazing fast, reliable, fiber-based internet. I am working from home and having this internet means SO much to me. I wanted to reach out and let you know how grateful I am. Here I am, living in the sticks and I have the most amazing internet.

Thank you all for what you do and PLEASE STAY SAFE!

The internet service in our place of business went down. The service interruption was no fault of theirs. It appears that our trash pickup accidently caught the wire and tore it loose. It took approximately 2 hours from the time I reported it to the time it was repaired. We definitely appreciate the quick response from Bolt! If you want great internet service with amazing response time in case of problems, I highly recommend Bolt.