Since we have gotten TV and internet with Bolt our service has been fantastic. Never had better service with anyone else.

We have had bolt for one year now and we couldn’t be happier. Yes, we were like a lot of you members that paid our deposit and waited and waited, but rest assure BOLT is worth the wait!! Our family used to have to drive 30 mins to go to town to use wifi at either the library, Dairy Queen, or even Lowes. That’s right I have sat in Lowe’s parking lot with my laptop attempting to do homework because no one would provide Internet where we live, that was before BOLT came into the scene!! We are spoiled to the fast service and reliability and are eternally grateful that they came our to our rural area!!! Thanks again BOLT!! We love our service!!!

Bolt has made my life so much easier by providing reliable internet service. I also love that I can watch the weather when we are having storms it doesn’t effect my t.v. Thank you for providing these services.

Having Bolt Fiber has been a great experience. The field crew have been good to deal with when we needed help. The high speed internet has been helpful for personal reasons as well as professional, and with Bolt TV there is no loss of reception during storms which is comforting. All this with a monthly savings from having AT&T and Direct TV.

We have had the Internet, TV and telephone package since spring 2016 and are very satisfied. Before, our internet was down almost weekly for anywhere from a few minutes to hours at a time but with Bolt it is always working. The phone went out once and I called customer service and they had it up and running in a matter of minutes. Bolt has been a wonderful addition to our area! They are friendly, easy to work, great service and the prices are good too!

Mine and my wife’s jobs both require a lot of work requiring fast reliable internet service. We would often have to go other places to get the necessary service. Since changing to Bolt, we have had no issues. In fact, we often have people over to use our internet. We also receive compliments all the time on how fast our internet is now.

The TV service was a pleasant bonus. You have exceeded our expectations on both accounts!

We have the phone service and we are very pleased with it. We have one more year in our dishnet. We can’t wait to switch everything to bolt.

Bolt is fantastic!!! Great internet and TV, we had virtually nothing before Bolt, well worth the wait!!!

Bolt fiber work really well fast reliable ethernet everyone needs to get it.