(844) 256-BOLT

Bring BOLT To Your Community

Our mission is simple…We are bringing reliable, high-speed service options to our rural area and offer our communities first rate services. We are investing in the future of our local families and friends to ensure a solid, redundant technology path for internet, television, and phone.

If you would like to have this world class service, but are outside of our footprint, but would like to add yourself to our future build-out projects, please fill this out, and tell your neighbors, and if we can have enough interest, we will try to make a case to bring you BOLT!


  • This person will be the primary account manager.
  • Service, Billing, and Contact Information

  • Pricing is monthly and includes a wireless router. Taxes, fees, and additional installation equipment is not included.
  • Monthly Pricing includes 1 set top box and High Definition service. Taxes, fees, and additional equipment are extra. Enroll in "Auto Pay" to receive these rates. Declining the "Auto Pay" option will increase your Television Service rate by $4.99/month.
  • Managed by Big River Telephone. Pricing is monthly and includes basic installation. Taxes, fees, and additional equipment is not included.